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Pet care

People with pets, usually, consider them part of the family. Therefore, the quality of pet care their darling fluffy friends receive, is of utmost importance. Of course, you love every pet and want the best for them (otherwise, why would you be in this business?), but you need to understand the owners just as well as you understand their pets.

Pet care business is a huge market, with lots of different sub-markets. Whether you run a veterinary clinic, pet sitting or pet walking business, pet grooming salon, work in dog or cat breeding, or a mix of several of these fields. In any case, you need to show the owners that your company is dependable, trustworthy and one with high moral standards. For this, you need a call answering service that lives up to the best of their expectations. Whoever answers your incoming calls, their empathy and compassion should be top notch and, at the same time, they have to be logical, solution-oriented, outside the box thinking person, with great communication skills to charm any of your callers and make them into your regular clients. That's exactly what we're offering. DsPro is a top provider of flawless call center experience for small businesses. Our team of dedicated professionals work 24/7 to answer any questions your clients may have.

Pet care

With DsPro, you will

Offer the best possible call center service for your business:
You can choose the service package best suited for your needs:
1) have your own office and team, that can be trained to work the way you need to, providing customers the answer, prices, questions you require.
2) Pay on per call basis, only if you get a valid call (We don't charge for spam calls!).

Gain a deeper understanding of your clientele and their needs

With DsPro's team of professionals, you will always be up to date with pet care service standards. As we've already mentioned, pet care is a huge and complicated market. Your clients may not be knowledgeable on small details and ins and outs of it. For example, they may not be sure whether they just need a pet sitter or a pet boarding attendant. They may not even know if your company offers such a service. They may not be sure what prices to expect. Our professional dispatchers can explain to them in a friendly and relaxed manner, can calm them down if their beloved pet is sick and they are on the verge of panicking, can make them feel understood and appreciated.

With DsPro, you will

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