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If you're in a house moving business, you know how demanding that is, both mentally and physically. And how little time you have left for administrative tasks. Imagine this: You're helping a client, carrying a huge box with your workmates up the stairs. Then your phone starts to ring. What do you do? You can't just let go of what you're doing, risk both your health (in case you slip, or holding the box with one hand sprains your back once again) and your clients' property (admit it, you have broken something while moving, due to your phone being an annoyance), or let the call go to voicemail.

Now, it's obvious that you shouldn't serve your potential clients at the expense of your current one. That's a no brainer. But will the caller leave a message on your voicemail? Maybe they will. Maybe they won't. But why risk either getting your current or your future client irritated, when you can trust our professional dispatchers to answer your incoming calls?

Why do you need our help? It's simple. Our dispatchers have a deep understanding of the moving service and will be your lifeline with tasks such as: taking customer messages, gathering the right information and getting it to you and your team in an orderly manner. We can handle your impatient customers asking for constant updates and we will forward you necessary information, so that you can put some space between you and these spam calls and only communicate with customers indirectly, when you have time to do it.

You need our call center services if:

  • You want your calls answered in efficient, professional and effective manner
  • You’re often busy on the job site and don't have the time to answer the calls
  • You want your calls answered 24/7, even on holidays

Pack up your chaotic call answering practises and partner up with top of the field call center service provider!


With DsPro, you will

Offer the best possible call center service for your business:

You can choose the service package best suited for your needs:

1) have your own office and team, that can be trained to work the way you need to, providing customers the answer, prices, questions you require.
2) Pay on per call basis, only if you get a valid call (We don't charge for spam calls!).

Have top of the field technology

What makes us unique? We pay close attention to the latest trends in the call center services industry and constantly develop and improve new softwares to service our clients better!

With DsPro, you will

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