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Introducing DSPro Voice – the powerful analytics tool that takes performance monitoring for your dispatchers to the next level.


DSPro Voice is your go-to source for reliable performance analysis at scale. Get accurate insights into the effectiveness of your dispatchers and use that data to make informed decisions that will help improve your team’s performance.

Streamline your workflow and take control of your analytics today with DSPro Voice and easily manage extensions and assign dispatchers with ease. Thanks to DSPro Voice’s sophisticated analytics engine, you can single out each caller and dispatcher to gain insight into their performance individually — a valuable feature for managers who need to keep track of employee performance on an individual basis. 

Don’t let poor performance go unnoticed – optimize for success with DSPro Voice! Give it a try now and see how simple it is to monitor dispatcher performance.


View And Evaluate The Performance Of Your Dispatchers


With DSPro Voice, you can view and evaluate the performance of your dispatchers in terms of answered, unanswered, and disconnected calls. This enables managers to single out each dispatcher’s individual performance and measure it against benchmarks.

DSPro Voice also provides accurate insights into overall call effectiveness so that managers can make informed decisions that improve team productivity.


Manage Your Extensions And Assign Dispatchers


DSPro Voice makes it easy to manage extensions and assign dispatchers. With the ability to view individual performance, managers can effectively allocate resources and assign dispatchers to extensions according to their individual performance levels.

The intuitive user interface and detailed analytics make it easy to ensure an efficient workflow and maintain effective performance.


Single Out Each Dispatcher


DSPro Voice provides detailed analytics so that managers can single out each individual caller and dispatcher and view their performance.  This makes it easy to identify performance issues and quickly address them with targeted solutions thereby allowing managers to accurately measure and monitor the performance of each dispatcher.


Call Management

With DSPro Voice, you can easily monitor your dispatchers and calls in real time. Listen to active calls to ensure that the conversation is going well, or tap into the call at any time to take control of a conversation if needed. You can also interact with calls directly – direct conversations for quality control and use insights from past calls to inform future ones.

DSPro Voice simplifies call management and makes it easy to keep track of interactions between customers and dispatchers without cluttering up your workspace. Say goodbye to manual log tracking — now you can make smarter decisions faster thanks to DSPro Voice!


Monitor Your Calls


Tap in to join or take control of an ongoing conversation with ease. With DSPro Voice, you can monitor your dispatchers and see how they’re handling customers in real time. Get valuable insights into each conversation, such as wait times, customer satisfaction ratings, and more. DSPro Voice makes it simple to detect potential issues and take action quickly.


Listen To Your Calls


Live call monitoring to listen to active conversations and detect potential issues quickly. Get an up-close view of how your dispatchers are handling customer support without having to be on the floor. DSPro Voice makes it easy to keep an eye on your team and ensure that each call is handled appropriately.


Interact With Your Calls


Direct the call for quality control purposes and use insights from past conversations to inform future interactions. Everything from simple greetings to complex requests can be monitored and directed with ease. DSPro Voice is the perfect tool for managing customer support conversations in real time.


Call Logs


Track calls with ease using DSPro Voice’s comprehensive call logs. Easily search through your data and find the call you’re looking for – filter by date and time, duration range, or any other criteria. Get a detailed overview of each conversation and review your dispatchers’ performance quickly and accurately.

Ensure that all conversations are up to speed in no time! With DSPro Voice, keeping track of your calls is simple — just log in to view all incoming and outgoing calls at a glance. Be sure to check out the unique features that only DSPro Voice has to offer – like tracking individual performance metrics across an entire team of dispatchers.

Take control of your analytics today with DSPro Voice. With this powerful tool, you can ensure that your dispatchers are performing at their best and get valuable insights into customer conversations faster than ever before. Try out DSPro Voice now and discover the power of real-time analytics!


Call Queuing


DSPro Voice can do more than just monitor and track calls – it can also help you manage your call queues. Easily arrange the queues to match your workload and specify each queue's details with precision.

Plus, DSPro Voice provides an easy-to-use map of your queuing assignments — no more manual tracking required! With DSPro Voice, you can rest assured that all conversations are managed according to best practices and maximize efficiency in the process. Experience the power of intelligent analytics today with DSPro Voice.

Try out DSPro Voice today and get a firsthand look at why this powerful tool is gaining popularity among businesses everywhere — take control of your analytics and ensure that your dispatchers are performing at their best with DSPro Voice!

Looking for a reliable way to manage, interact and implement call queues? DSPro Voice has you covered! Streamline your workflow today with this powerful tool – get accurate insights into dispatcher performance, monitor customer conversations in real-time, track individual metrics across an entire team, and more.


Arrange Your Call Queues


Queues are easily set up with DSPro Voice. Simply assign each call to the appropriate queue and prioritize calls efficiently according to need or urgency level. You can also designate specific queues for VIP customers, ensure compliance with relevant regulations, and much more.


Specify Your Queue Details


Once you’ve set up your queues, DSPro Voice allows you to easily specify details such as wait times and maximum queue sizes for each one. Monitor performance in real-time and make adjustments if needed — all from a single intuitive dashboard!


Prioritize Your Calls Effectively


Control your queues with ease – effortlessly adjust wait times, prioritize calls based on urgency levels, or even suspend queues when necessary. Keep track of all incoming calls at a glance and assign them quickly — maximize efficiency in the process with DSPro Voice!


View And Manage Your Queue Map


Easily keep an eye on your queues and assignments. With DSPro Voice, you get a clear overview of all your queue assignments at once — no more manual tracking required. Easily check out the details of each conversation or view individual performance metrics across an entire team in one convenient location.

Say goodbye to manual log tracking — now you can make smarter decisions faster thanks to DSPro Voice! Try out this powerful tool today and see why businesses everywhere are turning to DSPro Voice for their analytics needs. Get accurate insights into customer conversations, track individual dispatcher performance metrics, and more!

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